Have you ever considered using plastic impression trays?

Many of our customers are now using these impression trays rather than the metal or Styrofoam trays. They are wonderful! The plastic is more comfortable for the patient and you will be pleasantly surprised how their shape and flared sides makes them easy to fit. By using these trays your impressions and resulting study models will be noticeably improved.

They are generally priced between 40-70 cents each and can be reused many times over although many orthodontists treat them as disposable. The trays are made from an advanced medical-grade polystyrene plastic and can be cold sterilized.

They are available in 6 sizes by color, purple being the largest and can probably be ordered from your current suppler or any of the following dealers:

Each dealer seems to have a different name for them! Please contact us if you have any questions. 800-635-5663