Digital Study Model Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is there a fee to get started with the ortho-graphics digital study model service?

    A: No, there is no startup fee, you pay as you go for models sent. The viewing software is FREE and you can download it from

  • Q: What type of impression material and trays should I use?

    A: Any good quality alginate or PVS material is fine. We do not recommend the chromatic or color changing alginates as they degrade faster than conventional alginate. We prefer disposable plastic trays; metal trays will be returned at your expense.

  • Q: How quickly are my digital models ready for viewing?

    A: We normally have your models ready to access within 5- 6 business days after the impressions are received.

  • Q: Can I see a sample of what the ortho-graphics digital study models look like?

    A: Yes, there are actual sample models you can view in the software download.

  • Q: How do I retrieve my digital study models?

    A: At you will log on to your DSM data base and select a patient, this will download the model and launch the o-g maxilla viewer.

  • Q: How long are my models stored for?

    A: We will store your models online for 7 years. You can easily download and save the digital models at your location as well.

  • Q: Can I print the study model images?

    A: Yes, you can print a single image or a 5 image ABO multi-view. These images can also be saved as a .pdf file.

  • Q: Can I do measuring with the maxilla viewer?

    A: Yes, you can measure the distance between any 2 points on the model; teeth, across the arch, etc. Overbite and overjet can also be measured.