Plaster and Stone

Ortho Plaster, Ortho Stone, and Ortho Lab Stone are shipped in 25 and 50 pound boxes. We will pass along shipping discounts from UPS on orders over 200 and 500 pounds. Large orders can be shipped direct from our manufacturer, please email us for quotes. We are located in New Jersey, it is cost prohibitive to ship small plaster orders beyond the surrounding states. See Ordering Information for our no-hassle shipping policy

  • ORTHO PLASTER - 50 Lb. Box

    Ortho Cast Brand 50 Lb Box Brilliant white, hard plaster of superior quality, produces exceptional orthodontic models. Initial set 12-14 minutes, comp. str. 6,500 PSI.

    1 to 3 Items: $38.95 4 or more Items: $36.95 Call to order.